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Food Service Challenges


The success of a food service business is not only due to your menu selection and food quality, but largely due to the lasting impressions your patrons have of the cleanliness of your facility and presentation of your merchandise for take-out. Positive feedback to business associates, family, and friends can contribute to substantial increase in business, or vice versa. So whether you are a restaurant or caterer, you have to operate your business profitably while maintaining food and employee safety, as well as cleanliness of your facility.

Food service processors are able to produce large quantities of food in a short amount of time in order to meet customer demands. This poses many challenges for food safety, facility cleanliness, and employee safety while using equipment. Now add the challenge for the food service processor to continue to achieve economic success while reducing carbon emissions, waste and water and energy consumption.

You have to accomplish all of this with cost controls to operate within your budget.  The product line offering continues to grow with the times, and finding a strong source of supply for your supply products is imperative.

Joshen's Food Service Solutions

Although Joshen's business began with supermarkets, our knowledge and expertise of supply products for the food service operator has evolved over the years, and there isn't a better-suited business partner for you that understands your core business more than Joshen. Joshen takes a whole-system approach to cleaning and maintenance of food service operations, as well as providing packaging and merchandising supplies that meet all USDA food compliance standards, and all the supplies that you need to operate your business.  Joshen's supply product and service solutions generate a rapid improvement to your operation's budget; as well as assisting you in protecting the safety and wellness of employees and customers.

Joshen currently services an abundance of caterers, casual and fine dining restaurants, and food processors across the United States; through direct facility delivery, drop shipment, and warehouse replenishment distribution programs, as well as through food service distributors on a redistribution basis.

Product Solutions

Service Solutions

Click here to view our Product Category page, where you will find supply products directly involved with your business:

  • Disposables & Packaging
  • Janitorial & Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Fruit & Gift Basket Supplies
  • Labels & Sign Cards
  • Display & Fixtures
  • Office Supplies & Cash Management
  • Specialty Print Forms
  • Shipping & Receiving Supplies

All the supplies that you need can be purchased through Joshen as your "One-Stop Supplier" at low prices, and are delivered to you when you need them; on-time every time. So you can focus on growing and managing your core-business! 

  • Best Practices for maintaining a clean and safe environment for your customers and employees
  • Training on proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures; assisting your compliance with Health Department regulations and USDA inspections
  • Training required by OSHA for "Right to Know" compliance for cleaning products
  • Floor and Carpet Maintenance training for in-house employees
  • Floor chemical support and selection to match your maintenance schedule; maximizing the appearance of your floors
  • Installation of dispenser conversions for new use-controlled dispensing for chemicals, skin care, towel, and tissue needs
  • Sourcing packaging supplies for all your new or alternative takeout, prepared foods, meat, seafood, deli, bakery, produce, and MAP packaging solutions
  • Sourcing Food Storage Equipment to keep hot foods hot & cold foods cold for transport
  • Sourcing front-end and back-end supplies to operate your business at the lowest cost
  • Order Guides to control supply product selection; assisting you in achieving your budget goals & objectives
  • Application Manuals for supply products; prompting proper use of supplies and merchandising your items correctly

Advantage Joshen

In addition to our extensive product line, Joshen provides a variety of inclusive programs, services, and resources that include:

  • New Technologies and Products
  • Employee Education and Training
  • On-line Order Entry & Customized Reporting
  • Experienced Account Management & Customer Service Team
  • Implementing “Green” Practices That are Cost Effective
  • Offering an Eco-friendly Product Line that grows daily
  • Support Services and Technical Expertise
  • Vendor and SKU Rationalization
  • Supply Product Management
  • Labor Savings Programs
  • Flexible Distribution Programs
  • Transparency of Our Business
  • Joshen would welcome the opportunity to evaluate the products and programs that you have in place today, and offer you solutions with our supply products, distribution programs, order processes, and procurement methods to help you achieve your goals and objectives.





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