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Increase Your R.O.I. on Your Newspaper Advertising Circulars by using a Bag!


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Not sure if this advertising alternative is the correct choice for your company?

Joshen can coordinate a minimum quantity test run in single or multiple geographic markets, and single or multiple advertising messages so that you can gauge the response to your insert bag advertising campaign!


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Newspaper Advertising Bag Insert Program

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Using A Bag For Your Newspaper Advertising Circular

Are you ready for a uniquely different marketing tool that offers your company an effective alternative to the standard newspaper advertising insert for special promotions?  Would you like to see more results from your advertising dollar? Participating retailers have experienced redemption rates up to 25%; proving high R.O.I. results by driving traffic into their stores and increasing sales.

Joshen Paper has organized and managed repeat successful advertising campaigns over the past several years for a number of companies across the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands; spanning various business segments.  Over 700 Million bags have been inserted in newspapers!

Make Your Advertising Insert Stand Out!

frozen food newspaper insert bag


By using a paper bag as your newspaper advertising insert, your campaign will stand out amongst all other advertising inserts.

The readers attention is instantly captured, resulting in a more successful promotion!

Your customers bring the newspaper bag advertising insert into your retail locations and fill-up the bag for savings, or the bag can be used for a redeemable coupon. Convey your advertising message, from % off sale, coupon sale, etc.

Either way, your company will be able to accurately gauge the success of the campaign.

What Types of Promotions Can Benefit from the Newspaper Bag Insert Program?

newspaper advertising folded bag
  • Seasonal or Holidays
  • Back to School Specials
  • Grand Openings
    • Geographic Region
    • Chainwide
  • Promotional Coupons
    • New Customers
    • Computers
    • Your Products
  • Category Focus
    • Frozen Foods
    • Meats
    • Electronics
    • Jewelry
    • Heath & Beauty
    • Your Products
  • New Products or Categories
  • Charitable Donations
  • Job Fair or other events

Let us create a customized example special promotion, but please note that the ideas and promotion combinations are numerous for your business. This program is designed to allow flexibility throughout the process; from the creation of the event or campaign to the point of selecting market segments.

The Joshen Advantage

  • Joshen coordinates the retailer's campaign from the point of campaign bag design to delivery, and newspaper insertion on the scheduled ad break date
  • Joshen has relationships with over 500 newspapers across the United States, handling all delivery and insertion questions
  • Joshen uses multiple production points, providing:
    • Best material cost
    • Uninterrupted service
    • Over 1 Million insertion bags can be produced per day
    • Complete U.S. coverage, providing competitive freight rates
    • Reduced lead-time
    • Minimum production Test Runs





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