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School & University Challenges


School and university administrators are caught in a squeeze when it comes to the appearance and safety of their buildings. The demand for clean, healthy buildings has never been greater. The public is growing more sensitive about the threat of germs, viruses, toxic mold and E. coli, at school, with the public's perception of how well a school system is run is tied to the appearance of its schools. Unclean schools create a negative impression on parents, teachers, students, staff and visitors.  In addition, buildings are being used more frequently for extracurricular purposes such as senior gatherings and club meetings.

In spite of this, building maintenance and cleaning budgets have been reduced significantly in the recent years. Schools are facing significantly greater cleaning challenges with fewer resources. Many times this leads to purchasing from multiple suppliers for products; resulting in a mix of incompatible supplies and without proper training of school custodians.

There are also the challenges of purchasing disposable supplies for use in the cafeterias and social halls that are functional, durable, and protected until used; all within a reduced budget. You have to accomplish all of this with cost controls to operate within your budget. Finding a strong source of supply for your supply products is imperative.

Joshen's School & University Solutions

Joshen takes a whole-system approach to cleaning and maintenance of schools and universities. Assisting you in maintaining a healthy environment in your school is one of our areas of expertise. Joshen's supply product and service solutions generate a rapid improvement to your school's budget; as well as assisting you in protecting the safety and wellness of employees and customers.

Joshen currently services an abundance of schools (including churches), school systems, and universities across the United States. How competitive are our prices? Joshen has been the awarded supplier on  bids shipping from Cleveland, Ohio all the way to California!

Product Solutions

Service Solutions

Click here to view our Product Category page, where you will find supply products directly involved with your business:

  • Disposables & Packaging
  • Janitorial & Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Labels & Sign Cards
  • Display & Fixtures
  • Office Supplies & Cash Management
  • Specialty Print Forms
  • Shipping & Receiving Supplies

All the supplies that you need can be purchased through Joshen as your "One-Stop Supplier" at low prices, and are delivered to you when you need them; on-time every time. So you can focus on managing your School or University! 

  • Best Practices for maintaining a clean and safe environment for your students, visitors, and staff
  • Training on proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures for cafeterias; assisting your compliance with Health Department Regulations
  • Training required by OSHA for "Right to Know" compliance for cleaning products
  • Floor Maintenance training for in-house custodians
  • Floor chemical support and selection to match your maintenance schedule; maximizing the appearance of your floors and insuring slip-resistant properties
  • Sourcing packaging supplies for cafeteria and social functions
  • Order Guides to control supply product selection; assisting you in achieving your budget goals & objectives
  • Installation of dispenser conversions for new use-controlled dispensing for chemicals, skin care, towel, and tissue needs

Advantage Joshen

In addition to our extensive product line, Joshen provides a variety of inclusive programs, services, and resources that include:

  • New Technologies and Products
  • Employee Education and Training
  • On-line Order Entry & Customized Reporting
  • Experienced Account Management & Customer Service Team
  • Implementing “Green” Practices That are Cost Effective
  • Offering an Eco-friendly Product Line that grows daily
  • Support Services and Technical Expertise
  • Vendor and SKU Rationalization
  • Supply Product Management
  • Labor Savings Programs
  • Flexible Distribution Programs
  • Transparency of Our Business
  • Joshen would welcome the opportunity to evaluate the products and programs that you have in place today, and offer you solutions with our supply products, distribution programs, order processes, and procurement methods to help you achieve your goals and objectives.





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