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Hippo Sak The Invincible Grocery Bag

Product CatalogClick here to read about how this bag has the strength of paper with the ease of plastic.

Use less bags & preserve the environment.


Hippo-Sak It

So Strong You Can "Hippo Sak It"!

So Strong You Can Hippo Sak It!

Strong enough to hold more groceries than a paper or reusable bag!


Hippo Junior

A Simple Way to Organize Your Front End!

Hippo Junior


This benefit helps increase item count of front-end bags.

Tri-Flex for Hippo Sak

Flexibility & Strength in 3 layers! 


Hippo Sak Tri-flex 


Tri-flex fuses together 3 different blends of film to create 1 strong film, similar to the concept of plywood !


Read All About It !

Check Out What Retailers Have Switched to the Hippo Sak 

Customers Reducing Bag Use 

View Product Specs Here:

Hippo Sak T80011

Hippo Junior 70007

Pak-It-Lite White 97000

Pak-It-Lite Clear 97100


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Hippo Decreases Overall Bag Costs!

Hippo SakThe Invincible Grocery Bag

The Hippo Sakwas invented with the shopper, store and environment in mind. Its patented Hippo Strip prevents the bag from tearing at the bottom seal. It is truly an invincible bag that decreases bag use, enhances shopper satisfaction, increases item count, and helps speed up the checkout process.

Enhances Shopper Satisfaction

  • Shoppers have fewer bags to carry and load into their car
  • Hippo Ties prevent bag contents from spilling over in the car
  • Wider and thicker Hippo Handles are more comfortable to carry
  • Shoppers prefer to reuse Hippo Saks at home more than any other grocery bag
Hippo Ties 

Increases Item Count

One Hippo Sak, like a paper bag, can hold the groceries of 3-4 non-reinforced bags
Increase Item Count 1  Increase item count with Hippo Sak Hippo Sak Rack 
35 Items in 15
non-reinforced bags 
35 Items in 4
Hippo Saks 
Rack holds the Hippo Sak
upright to ensure bagger
completely fills the bag.

Speeds Up the Check Out Process

  • Eliminates time spent on double bagging
  • Efficient self-opening feature decreases time spent opening each bag
  • Decreases the handling time spent on grocery bags-baggers are opening & transferring fewer bags to shoppers.
  • Hippo Rack's 4 bundle capacity requires less frequent loading of the rack 
Hippo Sak Less Frequent Rack Loading

Less frequent Rack Loading:

Due to bag usage reduction
Hippo Sak Reliable Self-Opening
Reliable Self-Opening:

Speeds up checkout 

Hippo Sak Will Quickly Gain Bagger's Confidence

Hippo Sak with reinforced bottom seal:
  • Doesn't tear, leak or get holes
  • Never needs double bagging
  • Gives baggers the confidence to increase item count
Hippo Sak Air & Water Test
Hippo Sak Shake & Toughness Test
Can you image not having to double bag again ?

Helps Preserve & Protect Our Environment

Hippo Saks are more eco-friendly than paper bags and ordinary t-shirt bags!

I Care - Hippo Sak It!
  • Hippo Sak Supports the #1 goal of the EPA, which is source reduction
  • Each properly used Hippo Sak can substitute for more than 2 commodity t-shirt bags
  • The only pro-environment and pro-business product for retailers
  • Reusable for shopping or at home - Can be reused as a 5 gallon trash bag with no holes
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its lifetime
  • Made from at least 10% recycled material
  • Lower overall carbon footprint than paper bags
  • Holds more items than a paper bag but requires only 1/4th the energy and 1/20th the water to produce
  • Made only in the USA from domestic natural gas
  • Non-absorbency reduces bacteria transmission for safer food handling

Grocery Bag Environmental Impact Report Card

 Grocery Bag Environmental Impact Report Card

Joshen Has All Your Crown Poly Product Needs

Contact Joshen today to discuss your bagging needs. Let us show you all the features and benefits of the Hippo Sak. With complete training tools to facilitate proper bagging techniques, you can begin using less shopping bags!





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