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Crown Poly

Crown Poly is a global plastic manufacturing company offering customers a complete innovative bagging system for produce, meat, bakery, bulk, ice bags and consumer-end products.

Crown PolyIn the fall of 1991, Crown Poly was founded in Los Angeles, California. Having worked for many years with the grocery industry, the company’s founder recognized a need to simplify consumer’s lives and improve the bottom line for supermarket produce departments regarding plastic Produce Bags.

The result of this significant engineering R&D investment is the now industry standard and market leader, Pull-N-Pak® Bagging System. In each new market Crown Poly brings the same commitment to innovation and leadership.

As a Los Angeles-based company, Crown Poly prides itself on developing innovative products. It is integral to their mission statement and has facilitated their success. All of their products and dispensers are manufactured in the U.S. and are covered with numerous U.S. and international patents.

Product Lines

Joshen Paper & Packaging is a proud supplier of the following product lines from Crown Poly. Contact your Joshen rep today to schedule an appointment to discuss how Crown Poly's products can bring to you complete systems!

Hippo Sak

Hippo Sak

The invincible grocery bag with the strength of paper and the ease of plastic

Retailers everywhere are:

  • Decreasing their bagging costs by an average of 25%
  • Speeding up the Checkout Process
  • Enhancing Shopper Satisfaction
  • Gaining Baggers' Confidence
  • Preserving the environment
Click here to find out all the features and benefits of the Hippo Sak...including some examples of who in the market is benefiting from it !



  Pull-N-PakIncrease your store’s profitability by enhancing your customer’s experience and encouraging greater sales with:
  • One bag at a time dispensing
  • Pre-opened bags
  • Wide-opening, Static-free bags
  • Large capacity bags
  • Star-Sealed Bottom
  • Attractive dispensers
  • Environmentally Friendly
Find out how Joshen and Crown Poly can analyze your departments' bag needs, install racking, and put move your business into a complete cost-effective bagging system ! 


What is Crown Poly Doing to Help Protect the Environment?

Crown Poly is an environmentally conscientious company that follows the best management practices regarding their facility and products.

What is Source Reduction?

Crown Poly Source ReductionSource reduction, often called ‘waste prevention,’ is any change in the design, manufacturing, purchase, or use of materials or products (including packaging) to reduce their amount or toxicity before they become municipal solid waste.  Prevention also refers to the reuse of products or materials. - EPA

Source reduction is the #1 method of waste management and yet is often ignored by communities around the world.

In 15 years, Crown Poly has source reduced over 14.33 million pounds of plastic out of the waste stream from produce bags alone.

With source reduction, waste will not be placed in landfills and it reduces the vicious cycle of treatment processing of recycled products; which involves transportation, oil, gas, etc.

What does EPR Accredited Mean?

Crown Poly EPR AccreditedCrown Poly is EPR accredited with a superior rating.  This means that their company passed an independent audit that verified Crown Poly follows best management practices regarding their manufacturing facility and their products in the areas of resin pellet control, water based ink, scrap control, and other areas.  Crown Poly is proud that their products are accredited by EPR.

Read how retailers around the USA are reducing bag usage and supply costs with the Hippo Sak !

Joshen Has All Your Crown Poly Product Needs

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