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Restroom Program

Restroom sanitation is vitally important to any cleaning program. Cleanliness and floor condition can have a dramatic impact on the loyalty of customers, students, employees, and visitors to your facility.  Give them the right impression of your facility with Joshen’s complete restroom program, including fixtures, refills, and cleaning and disinfecting products that are targeted just for the restrooms in your facility.

For any type of establishment, our dispensing systems ensure fresh solutions and clean rinse water, preventing cross contamination from restrooms to food prep areas, breakrooms, and cafeterias.

“Shoppers will limit purchases if they perceive the store is not clean. Restrooms are of particular concern to most shoppers”.– NACS/Coca-Cola Research Council, “Fast Forward, Emerging Opportunities in Convenience Retail.”


Dispensing Options

Joshen offers a full-line of dispensing fixtures from the leading manufacturers that you demand:

Leading brands of controlled dispensing products
  • Towel
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Hand Soap, Sanitizer, and Lotion
  • Toilet Seat Covers
  • Air Fresheners
  • Feminine Hygiene Receptacles & Dispensers

Features & Benefits

  • Safer food handling and improves hygiene: Touchless dispensing helps minimize risk of cross-contamination
  • Complies with HACCP guidelines: Reduces the potential for cross-contamination and helping reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses
  • Lowers supply cost: One-at-a-time towel dispensing reduces waste
  • Increases operational efficiency: Many of the towel, hand, and air dispensers offer adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range and dispensing mode controls usage
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhances image: Dispenser design and coordinated towel, soap, air freshener and tissue dispensers convey an upscale look and enhances a facility's image
  • Complies with ADA regulations: When installed properly, the dispensers meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines


Joshen offers a variety of fragrances and formulas for hand & body care, and air fresheners. Many of our towel, tissue, and seat cover refills meet EPA guidelines for recycled content, and our feminine hygiene refills offer protected packaging. Contact Joshen today so that we may discuss your facility's needs and guide you in the choosing the right refills and dispensing options to enhance your image and control your supply costs.

Cleaning Supplies & Tools

Foul-smelling restrooms consistently generate more complaints than any other part of a facility, which is no surprise considering they’re a refuge for soils and odor-causing bacteria. The only way to eliminate the odors is to effectively remove the odor-causing bacteria and their food sources using one of several solutions available today from Joshen:

  • Cleaners, disinfectants, and de-liming agents
  • Urinal blocks & screens, bowl hangers
  • Dual mop buckets
  • Microfiber systems
  • Scrubbing tools for hard to reach areas
  • Protective gloves

Urinal Mats

Urinal matsFor certain business segments, urinal mats are necessary to eliminate wet floors around urinals and commodes; improving facility safety and appearance.

  • Provides 24/7 protection
  • Controls odors helping restrooms smell clean & fresh
  • Prevents cross-contamination from standing puddles
  • Low cost & disposable
  • Easy to use & dispose of
  • Absorbs liquid & immediately converts it to a gel
  • Reduces labor costs





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